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Hartlepool Armed Forces Day

It was a real honour to be asked to be part of Hartlepool’s armed forces day. We met some amazing members of the public who not only were brave enough to give our taster dance class ago but also warmed our hearts with stories of their own dancing.

The sun was shining and the smiles were big.  We even managed to convince them to let us dance on the Trincomalee.

A Blinder of a night

What I love about my dancing are the varied events that it takes me too.  We were approached earlier in the year to dance at a Peaky Blinders themed event in Northallerton.

Just posing by a car ..

I love the 1920’s fashion and it was a great excuse to get the sequins out.  Hosted by Peaky Events  the set dressing was epic.  With gipsy caravans, dry ice and event horses they sure did create an atmosphere to remember.  Whilst the music wasn’t strictly in character with the main theme of the event .. that being peaky blinders .. no one really minded.

We were asked to give a taster dance session for the Sunday Night Dance before Kal’s Kat’s played us into the early hours of Easter Sunday.

It was a pleasure working with Peaky Events who trusted us to get the party started.

6th Street Swing are amazing at what they do, very professional and created a fantastic atmosphere for our event.  Everyone loved it.

Lisa Cessford – Peaky Events

BBC Indent

Several of you might well know that I used to be a teacher firstly in Secondary Schools and then in a 6th Form College.  I made a hard decision a few years ago to leave it all behind.  I was stressed, unhappy and living from one day to the next dreading Mondays.

This has given me so many great opportunities that in a previous life I would have been unable to have taken up. Last month I was approached by my lovely friend Joo-lee at Lindy Jazz.  I would describe Lindy Jazz as my second home and dance family.  When I was first learning if I was able to I’d make the trip up to Chester-le-Street from Darlington and like all Swing Classes I’ve been to, made me feel welcome.  I have learnt lots from Joo-lee and Andy, and I give them my support whenever I’m able.  Anyhow, Joo-lee offered me a fantastic opportunity to dance for the BBC.  Martin Parr has been commisioned to produce a series of indents that reflect the diverse communities across the united kingdom and he wanted Lindy Jazz to be involved.

It was a magical day, dancing with friends in Crook.  The morning was taken over with hair and makeup and then finally in the afternoon, it was shooting time.  I am so proud to have been involved and proud of my fellow dancers.

Have you managed to see it yet?  I’ve been told to look out for it when Strictly it aired.