VE Celebrations – in lockdown

This year was the 75 year anniversary of the VE day.  This was going to be a huge weekend for us and with COVID those plans were quickly changed.  With gigs cancelled in Horden, Middlesborough, Newton Aycliffe to name a few it was due to be VERY busy.  We were also luckily choosen to dance in support of English Heritage “Dance for VE Day”.

I could have sat at home moping about all these missed opportunities but instead, I choose to use the opportunity to engage with my own village and give them a taste of what I love doing so much.  I love my little village and it was with a little trepidation that I put a “schedule” together of things that we could all get involved with whilst still being in Lockdown.  We had an online SwingFit class in the morning and then dotted throughout the day I gave short performances around the village so that people could watch from their doorsteps.

I was overwhelmed by the response that I received not only did so many people pop out of their houses to watch but they also sat out with their cream teas and talked to each other .. obviously in a socially distanced way.  Something that in these busy times we don’t normally get to do.

And although the English Heritage VE Day gig was cancelled I still got to take part in a ZOOM dance that was aired on the BBC One Show .. even if it was a split second!

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