Back to Dancing … advice for beginners.

It has been such a turbulent time over the last 18 months with so much going on .. COVID .. finding a new venue .. to name a few. It was hard to believe that we’d be back to dancing anytime soon. But all good things come to those that wait!

Beginners classes are back on and what’s also good is that classes are back to being full despite the challenges.

I love teaching beginners. We all have to start somewhere. I remember being so self-conscious when I started dancing and worried about getting everything wrong. I was asked recently what would I have told myself about learning to dance if I could go back in time?

Learn like a child – mistakes happen and we all have bad weeks. Children rarely beat themselves up when they go wrong or find something a challenge. They park it and return to it at a later time.

Never say sorry – It’s easy as a beginner to apologise for our mistakes. You are a beginner there is no need to apologise .. instead say “thank you for your patience”

Don’t compare yourself to others – this is easier said than done. We naturally compare ourselves to others but we all have different challenges, different backgrounds and learn at different paces. Instead, compare how you are now with what you were like previously.

We are all on our own dance journeys and I feel really privileged to have been able to be part of this journey with so many dancers.

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