SwingFit Swing based fitness class

SwingFit is a dance fitness class for the young at heart. With dance steps and music from the swing era, you’ll forget you’re exercising as you dance along to the Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jive and many more.

Developed by Joo-Lee, SwingFit began as a class for an NHS ‘Arts for Wellbeing’ programme in 2010 and it quickly grew in popularity with ladies aged 50+ due to the easy-to-follow moves with lively tunes from the 1920s to 1960s. Many of our ladies say that they come for fitness and they stay for the friendship. 

You can find out more about the SwingFit HERE

More than just a dance class SwingFit is also about being a community. With “Tea & Chat” after all our sessions, regular lunches and social events we really try to get to know you and feel welcome.

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10 am Sadberge Village Hall


10 am Fishburn Youth & Community Centre


10 am St. Thomas Aquinas Church Hall, Darlington


10 am Sadberge Village Hall

How to Book

You can book your class either online or just email to find out more