BBC Indent

Several of you might well know that I used to be a teacher firstly in Secondary Schools and then in a 6th Form College.  I made a hard decision a few years ago to leave it all behind.  I was stressed, unhappy and living from one day to the next dreading Mondays.

This has given me so many great opportunities that in a previous life I would have been unable to have taken up. Last month I was approached by my lovely friend Joo-lee at Lindy Jazz.  I would describe Lindy Jazz as my second home and dance family.  When I was first learning if I was able to I’d make the trip up to Chester-le-Street from Darlington and like all Swing Classes I’ve been to, made me feel welcome.  I have learnt lots from Joo-lee and Andy, and I give them my support whenever I’m able.  Anyhow, Joo-lee offered me a fantastic opportunity to dance for the BBC.  Martin Parr has been commisioned to produce a series of indents that reflect the diverse communities across the united kingdom and he wanted Lindy Jazz to be involved.

It was a magical day, dancing with friends in Crook.  The morning was taken over with hair and makeup and then finally in the afternoon, it was shooting time.  I am so proud to have been involved and proud of my fellow dancers.

Have you managed to see it yet?  I’ve been told to look out for it when Strictly it aired.

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