Learning with us is fun and relaxed offering several types of classes for adults there are options for all levels of dancers.

Partnered Dancing

We have a passion for social dancing and our teaching style reflects this.  Encouraging you to not worry about your mistakes and to make your own decisions about your dancing.

Our weekly Lindy Hop classes are taught in 6-week blocks with each block both bringing something new for those that have been to previous courses and providing the basics for those just starting out.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals then you’ll be able to progress on to our improver and intermediate classes.

Find out more about our partnered classes HERE

Solo Charleston

I am pleased to announce that I will be offering dance classes under licence with MyCharleston. These classes are energetic, stylish and full of humour. With music to match it’s a great social event, which will definitely get your feet swivelling! During the course, you will learn solo 1920’s Charleston, through a vocabulary of jazz moves and a series of fun exercises and as well as perfecting a Charleston routine week by week. All dancing is solo – so no need to bring a partner.

Find out more about our My Charleston classes HERE

One off Workshops

From time to time we also offer a variety of one-off workshops

  • Shim Sham – solo inline dance
  • Jitterbug Stroll – solo inline dance
  • Balboa
  • Collegate Shag
  • Partnered 1920’s Charleston

The website will be updated when workshops are available.